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Our Vision and Mission


The world’s knowledge is accessible by all.


CRKN advances interconnected, sustainable access to the world’s research and to Canada’s documentary heritage content.

This past year was a monumental one for CRKN. In 2019, we completed our first year with an expanded portfolio, which includes digitization, access, and preservation services, as well as the Canadiana collections and Trustworthy Digital Repository. Supported by our membership, our goals have become bolder, and the tools we use to achieve them are stronger. Our updated vision and mission statement, created as part of our new strategic plan, will allow us to both strengthen our key relationships with university members and connect with Canadian research and heritage institutions to create a robust, diverse membership. By working together to build knowledge infrastructure now, we advance access to knowledge for researchers today, and set the stage for the next generation of researchers, students, scholars, and all Canadians.


Our Members


New Members

This year, CRKN welcomed two Associate Members: the Bank of Canada and OurDigitalWorld.

The Bank of Canada’s Knowledge and Information Services department supports a significant research program that publishes economic and financial research and analysis. Through this department, the Bank is involved in digital preservation, open access to research data, metadata management, and is a member of ORCID-CA.

OurDigitalWorld, an organization dedicated to providing services for digital heritage projects in Ontario, was a long-time collaborator with Canadiana and continues that collaborative relationship with CRKN.

CRKN is pleased to welcome these institutions to our membership, and we look forward to working with them to promote access to scholarly research and Canada’s documentary heritage.


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